“Seeing and doing more implanting and grafting cases.”

“I had been placing implants for about 4 years before I took the Phelps Institute implant course. At The Phelps Institute, I strengthened my understanding of basic techniques for placing implants as well as more advanced placement procedures: bone grafting, membrane placement, immediate implants. The greatest benefit was simplifying what seemed more complex.

On day 3 I performed a LIVE surgery and placed 4 implants in the mandible, free-hand, which took me 75 minutes. Then Dr. Phelps personally assisted me through converting the patient’s existing temporary denture into a fixed hybrid denture. What an amazing day.

It has only been 3 weeks since I took the course and I have been doing either a bone graft and/or placing an implant (nearly entirely immediates) two times a week! Some of those cases are entirely from my new clinical growth at The Phelps institute. If this pattern holds up, I am only half-way to my goal of ‘an implant a day!’

For comparative purposes, in the 48 weeks prior to the course, I had only placed 2 implants and one bone graft. I don’t know where the magic is, but I believe the brain only sees what it wants to see; and I am seeing and doing more implant and grafting cases. Thank you, Dr. Phelps!”

—Dr. Peter L. Bowman

Additional Course Offerings

The Strategic Practice:

Learn the tools Dr. Phelps used to grow his practices 10X and how you can do it, too.

Learn more


Your Choice Dentures™ Training Experience


This course is a non-guided course that will include everything you need to know about placing implants in your office. It will cover everything from posteriors, to anteriors, socket preservation, bone grafting techniques to minimize costs but still have maximum benefit. We’ll discuss how to market for more implant patients as well as how to set the stage for more of them to say YES to treatment. You’ll also get a taste of edentulous cases and hybrids as well as internal sinus lifts. You’ll place a dummy implant on a model and then on day 3, you’ll place one implant on a live patient. You also have the option (for an additional expense) to place 3 additional implants on patients, giving you a total of 4 that you would do yourself at the course. Plus you’ll assist another doctor as they place at least one of their implants as well.


Learn More about Your Choice Dentures™ Training Experience


Beginning Implant Placement for the General Practitioner

Everyday Guided Implant Surgery for the General Practitioner

Overcoming Hurdles in Edentulous Implant Therapy

Advanced Implant Placement for the General Practitioner

What could make amazing CE event better? How about an amazing Ferrari driving experience to go with it!

For all Phelps Institute CE events in Charlotte NC, Dr. Phelps has now added a Ferrari driving experience where you can get the thrill of driving this legendary vehicle.

Check out this video from one of our most recent Strategic Practice CE outings!

“Great course for general dentists who want to implement implant therapy in their practice, from surgical to marketing to case acceptance-this course handles it all!”

—Dr. Mike Grossman;
Syracuse, NY

A Godsend to our national group of clinics

“Dr. Phelps has been a godsend to our national group of clinics. He is an excellent presenter and makes the learning fun and shares enough stories to help you be able to remember the Principles. The material he teaches is pure gold. Some of what we have learned are things we were already doing but did not know why they were working. The majority of what we learned was able to be implemented in our clinics around the country over the next few weeks after our seminar. The results of these things we implemented resulted in a gross increase of 50% of collections the very next month. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. I think every business owner who sell’s something in their business should have their entire company enrolled in this seminar because Dr. Phelps is amazing.”

—Travis Autor, CEO Stem Cell Centers

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an Amazon best-selling author who practices in Charlotte, NC.

In his first 7 years of practice he grew the revenue of his practices by a factor of 10X, going from 1 practice location to 4 locations. After selling two of those offices for profit, Dr. Phelps focused on maximizing the capacity of his remaining 2 practices and had 2 consecutive years of $1,000,000 revenue growth at each of the two practices, effectively collecting with 2 offices what he had collected when he owned 4 offices. A major part of this success was the Call Tracker ROI program he developed which helped increase his new patient numbers from 60/month to averaging over 300/month; all the while decreasing his marketing expenses by 74%.

Dr. Phelps is a key opinion leader to several large dental companies was awarded the 2016 Doctor’s Choice National Dentist Award (from 6,000 nominated). In addition, Dr. Phelps is an expert in the Science of Influence and Ethical Persuasion. For the last 8 years he’s worked with companies like Nobel Biocare, Sybron Dental, Implant Direct, BioHorizons and OsteoReady to train General Dentists from all over the country in the surgical art of implant placement. He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the Academy of Osseointegration.

Chris was awarded the Doctor’s Choice National Dental Award in 2016 (from 6,000 nominated dentists). Additionally, he was chosen for the 2016 Doctor’s Choice Top 100, due to a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.